A data analysis by the minute with unlimited functionalities


A data analysis by the minute with unlimited functionalities


Pknoa’s real time platform has already granted the startup the Energia EDP 2014 award and a funding of €1.5million

The data that Pknoa’s software registers per minute amount to thousand millions. Per minute, yes, it is true. An amount hard to believe, that is driving the attention of both investors and entrepreneurial ecosystem to this startup that appeared in the Energia de Portugal 2014’s edition.

We analyze huge amounts of data in real time, we create value by means of complex data computing in streaming and historical data, using a single architecture at extremely high speeds and low cost”, Ricardo Ribeiro and Wilson Edgar, the founders, explain. They offer the largest differentiation and potential in the technology used which enables the expansion and accommodation of an “unlimited set of functionalities”.

They started “trying to solve a problem in the area of biomedical engineering.” Disruption came into play and that required “questioning the paradigms currently used to create data and computing models.” Picking up this issue they developed a technology innovatively combining que the two domains, “with several advantages.”

From Portugal to the world

Using the algorithm created by Pknoa’s team, companies are able to generate value through the simultaneous analysis of historical and current data, reduce processing time, increase the useful time and decrease technology costs due to the software’s ability to replace multiple tools.

Besides these features, the software also has the ability to read 140 million data per second and write 5.5 million data at the same time, in disk, with a specific language that ensures a clear connection between all data regardless its origin. We can thus create new income sources allowing “companies to detect, in due time, patterns and tendencies able to directly influence the business.”

The team heads have no doubts: the participation in Energia de Portugal was a milestone for their growth. Having been awarded the Energy Prize granted them a six month incubation in EDP Starter and both experiences gave them knowledge to consolidate their entrepreneurial structure. All this represented a starting point to a fully successful “funding operation in the amount of €1.5 million.”

Pknoa has now 17 employees and is implementing an ambitious internationalization strategy. They already have a patent application in the US and they expect to launch the product worldwide at the beginning of 2017. A growth at the pace of thousand million data.