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We live in the age of innovation in the energy sector. Renewable power has been growing significantly over the last decade and EDP has been a leader of this clean energy revolution. The integration of IT and communication technologies with the secular distribution grid has been the key to allow the growing penetration of renewable power and to maximize the potential for energy efficiency. Solar generation at households, growingly combined with static storage, and integrated management of the loads of electrical devices is the future of energy retail. Electric cars are growing exponentially and will be the reference in mobility, in another re-shaping of the relationship between energy customers and utilities. A brand new energy world emerges, where service comfort, mobility, sustainability and economy will be powered by a multitech approach supported in emerging IoT, machine learning and big data technologies. We are strong believers in open innovation. We work with universities, scientific institutions, startups, value chain suppliers and many other innovation sources. We partner with entrepreneurs, large corporate business angels, venture capital funds and other investors. We make available a set of tools that include funding, management support and a business oriented test base with international footprint. We are committed to maintain EDP at the forefront of energy innovation. We invite you to share our vision and become a part of this ecosystem.

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Founded in January, 6, 1973 by Francisco Pinto Balsemão, Expresso has, over the years, become one of the reference newspapers in the Portuguese media landscape. The focus in innovation has always been in the newspaper’s DNA and the involvement with the then emerging entrepreneurship ecosystem in 2012 was a natural step, resulting in the launching of Energia de Portugal. EDP was the chosen partner and the figures account for the strength of this bet: Thousands of applications, many hundreds of participants, 130 business ideas accelerated and 24 bootcamps. Obviously these data don’t tell the whole thing, but they are a good starting point to be acquainted with the story of Energia de Portugal over the four last years, with the support of FЗbrica de Startups. Since the official beginning of the competition in January 29th 2012, the adherence of the entrepreneurial community has been quite big. We received more than 1600 applications to be one of the 50 original teams. The first victory was granted to Ostra Lusa, which presented an innovative concept of Portuguese oyster farming in offshore platforms. As for the second edition, in 2013, the big novelty was the offer of a monetary prize to the five first places, the winner team being awarded €25 thousand. The winners were the BetApp, which presented a project of a social network for bets among friends. 2014 marked the third year of the competition and the one that introduced more new procedures into the layout of the two first editions. There was a clear investment in internationalization, with the inclusion of four Brazilian teams and a Chinese one, and the number of selected teams was reduced from 50 to 15. The winners eventually came from the other side of the Atlantic, with the project Me Passa AТ!, an impressive remote education platform for university students. There was still room for another distinction awarded by EDP — the Energia award — that started by offering six months incubation in the program EDP Starter to the team that would present the best project in the energy sector. The Portuguese Pknoa, with an idea based upon collecting data from the users’ daily life to create customized statistics, was the one selected. In the 2015 edition, Mater Dynamics (a project focused on developing sensors to monitor products quality) was the winner, having received €20 000, while Thermosite (a platform that helps customers who have trouble finding air conditioning equipment installers) was given the Energia award, which could then lead to an investment from EDP that could go up to €50 thousand. And this year the story acquires new contours.

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An innovative incubation concept for startups in the energy sector. Much more than a physical space, EDP Starter is a networking enhancer, inside and outside of the EDP Group, and a disseminator of knowledge, enabling startups to better prepare themselves for growth in both the domestic and international markets. Our network of partners, carefully selected among the best, will be a catalyst for success, guiding our startups throughout the different stages of the journey that now begins. Therefore, we’ve already appraised 500 projects, helped 25 startups and created 250 jobs.

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Fábrica de Startups, established in 2012, is one of the largest startup incubators and accelerators in the country. Its mission is to contribute to the development of entrepreneurship and the creation of more and better startups, global market oriented, in Portugal. Based on the methodology it developed – FastStart – Fábrica de Startups offers acceleration and incubation programs, events and several initiatives to support the process of startup creation and development. More than 1000 people took part in the acceleration programs supported by Turismo de Portugal, NOS and Expresso, among others. 2000 more attended the events sponsored by Sagres – Central de Cervejas and by Choupana CaffО. More than 100 startups went through the Fábrica de Startups incubation process. Currently there are 20 startups going through the process, including Zaask, Imaginary Cloud, Climber and Eduke.me.

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