Agriculture with a touch of software


Agriculture with a touch of software


Agroop, with its agricultural management platform, was the first Portuguese company to complete a funding round in the British-Portuguese Seedrs: €80 000 that can make a difference

It all began with “some contacts with farm managers.” It was then that the founders of Agroop realised “that there was a real need for agriculture-oriented software”, Rodrigo Almeida tells us. A gap that this startup has been filling successfully.

Agroop Operacional is a multiplatform digital app (smartphone, tablet and computer) that enables producers and associations to come together, in order to communicate real-time information, ask for remote help and be aware of weather alerts. All this to make it easier to quantify all costs involved in an agricultural operation and manage human resources.

The need to develop products that are very easy to use by farmers is in our DNA”, the agronomist says. “Today all farm managers need to be managers, agronomist, meteorologist, lawyer, etc. and, actually, there is often little time left to think about implementing innovative solutions.”

Successful Funding

That is why the major concern of Agroop is that their products are “fully integrated without any effort of the farmer”, have a “simple but attractive” design, and can be used by any kind of farmer.

Since it began operating three months ago, the company already has 300 users divided between the annual plans Starter (€112,86) and Growth (€283,86). The participation in EDP Innovation Award was vital to ensure not only “visibility and prestige” but also “the development of a new product.”

Stook is a water consumption monitoring solution that is part of the main platform and enables “significant saving.”

The success in getting funds from Seedrs can greatly contribute to the business expansion. The startup was the first in Portugal to successfully conclude a fund raising campaign in the collaborative funding platform. The €80 000 are already being used towards internationalization so that Agroop scales up and improves its capacity to develop further solutions.” Not surprisingly, they are in a second round of fund raising, with 42 % of the goal already achieved “in less than a week.”