Democratizing household air conditioning


Democratizing household air conditioning


An online platform to create a budget for any kind of air conditioning system grants Thermosite the Energy Award of Energia de Portugal 2015

Installing an air conditioning or a heating system in a household may look a difficult task or that it implies sums of money absolutely different. If that is the case, then Thermosite is the right company to demystify that situation.

Anyone can through the site automatically get a budget of the system for a specific area either an air conditioning system, a central heating one, heat pumps, or solar thermal systems”, Pedro Soares, one of the founders, explains: “We are specialized in air conditioning, heating and solar energy”.

When introducing general information of what you wish, “a value indicating the installation cost” is set and the user can ask for “up to three budgets to specialized professionals.” Major goals: bring clients and specialized professionals together, “preferably from the same geographical area”, and provide professionals with more tools to find interested customers.

Pedro Soares considers the software – that allows the users to get automatically information about the budget they want and connect themselves to the professionals – “the great innovation” of Thermosite. The algorithm makes it possible to offer a service – unique in the market – and stand out from the competition.

From the smartphone to everywhere

The startup potential became very clear in Energia de Portugal 2015 when, after four weeks of intensive work in the entrepreneurship project of EDP and Expresso, the company incubated in UPTEC confirmed the Energy Award (an investment that can go up to €50 000) granted by EDP to the team with the best project in the energy sector. That was “the icing on the cake.” The experience allowed “getting essential skills to manage the company” and which, after six months, are still being used in a daily basis.

The business has grown constantly ever since, with ”visits to the site, simulations using the software and the works delivered increasing”. Thermosite closed “recently a partnership with a North American multinational company” and is preparing itself to distribute a “device that allows controlling heating systems –already installed or new – from anywhere in the world using the smartphone.”

Increasing the “domestic and international penetration” is the major goal for the future, so that more and more people stop associating the term difficulty to household air conditioning.