Selected to participate in the Bootcamp in Lisbon, the finalist teams will also be granted the opportunity to have fast track selection interviews with EDP to join EDP Starter program in Portugal, Spain or Brazil.

Rated Power


Rated Power accelerates and optimizes the design of utility-scale Photovoltaic plants. In their words: “We make engineering in minutes, not weeks”.


COSOL is a marketplace online of distributed renewable energy generation via loT blockchain.

SunFlower Power System

The aim of this project is the development of a tracking sensor to detect which is the most efficient positioning of photovoltaic panels.

Sii Smart Buildings

Sii Room is a building controller that integrates the 10 technologies present in the most advanced buildings and allows them to be installed in existing buildings, thus reducing operating costs by up 40%, reducing people’s energy costs and increasing safety and the management.

CUBi Kip

CUBi makes electricity visible to managers. This solution offers a complete electrical energy management and monitoring solution focused on the identification of waste and optimization of the use of electric energy for the industry.


Enercred is an online platform to monetize energy credits from renewables.

HiQ energy

HiQ energy is an energy saving technology engineered for households, industry or commerce energy users. Apart from the energy saving, users have an APP monitor consumption in real time, energy savings and CO2 reduction.


The project is developing, manufacturing and selling smart voltage stabilisers that are used to protect the facilities against electric grid problems and inefficiencies, optimizing power quality and saving energy.

Aladyn System

Aladyn System proposes an wireless energy transfer system that doesn’t need to use cables or batteries.


flexiDAO provides blockchain-enabled EV smart charger to unlock the potential of residential demand side response.

Invoice Capture

Invoice Capture is a virtual collection agent that executes all collections procedures, proactive or reactive, manage payments/receivables, while providing real-time performance analytics and predictive cash-flows.


Helppier is an intelligent online support tool that enables companies to create interactive step by step tutorials and tooltips without the need of any programming or coding skills.


This team created a smart data acquisition device able to detect efficiency losses due to cleaning or maintenance needs of photovoltaic solar systems and a software application that alerts the consumer for those needs.


Specialized in Artificial Intelligence applied to utilities networks, DCbrain provides agile capabilities in terms of flow visualization, monitoring, prediction and simulation to complex network managers.

Se Grid

Se Grid is a software analytics tools for utilities to protect their revenue from energy theft.